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We have a comprehensive range of economics resources to suit your requirements.

Rennie Resources Ltd produces high quality economics resources directly related to the changing curriculum. All resources come with teaching notes.

All resources have been prepared by Dan Rennie, an experienced teacher with over 25 years working in the classroom and who is thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the syllabus. Dan has sold over 200,000 books including the "Understanding Economics" series.

The layout, presentation and format of all our resources are similar to the external exams prepared by NZQA. These resources test a wide range of knowledge and skills at each level appropriate to the level of the students. Detailed marking schedules are provided with each resource. Use these resources year after year to help keep your students busy and provide you, the teacher, with a break from preparing exercises for your classes.


About Us:

Rennie Resources began as a partnership in 1999 between Dan and Sue Rennie. This became a company in 2003.

Dan started writing books in 2000 with NewHouse Publishers, later to become Thomson, which in turn was bought out by Cengage Publishers, now based in Australia. Dan produced 'Understanding Economics' at  levels 1 and 3. Later we decided to publish level 2, 'Understanding Economic Issues', ourselves. All books are still available in current editions.

Dan went on to produce several photocopiable resources and a series of animated DVDs.

We are very excited about our most current resource 'eLearnEconomics' which is an interactive online economics site, bringing together all the resources Dan has produced into one platform.

Rennie Resources Ltd sells primarily to schools but can supply individuals. We pride ourselves on dealing promptly and efficiently with our customers.

Sue looks after the office. Rennie Resources Ltd is a home based business, which gives Dan and Sue the flexibility of managing their business and 3 teenagers. 

We are always appreciative of feedback and ideas and try to incorporate these where possible. We are happy to have teachers phone outside hours or alternatively send us a landline number and we can call them at a convenient time.


Available Products

Physical orders under $400 will be charged P&P.